Who we are

A fully integrated group focused on scientific research

In-Cell-Art, is a biopharmaceutical company specializing in the preclinical and pharmaceutical development of solution (DNA/RNA based vaccines or therapeutics) treating acquired or inherited diseases using patented bioinspired synthetic delivery systems (named Nanotaxi®) consisting of different chemical families (lipids, polymers).

Its founder and research team, which includes a Nobel Laureate, have developed this unique intellectual property expertise and know-how based on 20 years of research in the field of supramolecular nucleic acids transfection agents.

The vaccines and therapeutics developed by In-Cell-Art have been validated by numerous studies using infectious disease models (HIV, Flu, Dengue, dust mite, mycobacterium abscessus) , therapeutic cancer models (melanoma, liver, breast and cervical cancers) and therapeutic models (muscular dystrophy, anemia in kidney failure)

In-Cell-Art has recently advanced vaccines into regulatory preclinical studies for human clinical trials and shown promising safety and immunogenicity profiles.

In-Cell-Art’s people have international qualifications, experience and expertise in the fields of supramolecular chemistry, physico-chemical characterization and preclinical pharmaceutical development and include a highly experienced Scientific Advisory Board of recognized experts comprising Jean Marie Lehn (Nobel Laureate), Bruno Pitard, CSO of In-Cell-Art, Didier Roux, VP R&D of Saint Gobain, Luc Aujame former Senior Director in External R&D at Sanofi Pasteur and Georges-Bernard  Guillou, MD, former director of Pharmaceutical R&D and Scientific Affairs & Licensing at Laboratoires Expanscience.

In-Cell-Art is based in Nantes (France) and member of Atlanpole Biotherapies cluster of biotechnology companies focusing in the development of biotherapeutics. 


A fully integrated group focused on scientific research

Launch of R&D activities with the creation of a chemistry platform for multistep synthesis of organic molecules.



In-Cell-Art chemistry team is launched to deliver fully synthetic and high-purity Nanotaxi® meeting the requirements for the transport of molecules in various biological applications.


Creation of In-Cell-Art

In-Cell-Art was founded in 2005 by a research team including Bruno Pitard and Jean-Marie Lehn (Nobel Laureate).

Launch of R&D on new generations of transfection reagents.


ICAFectin® transfection reagents

Development of synthetic vectors for in vitro nucleic acid delivery including DNA, siRNA, mRNA and proteins.


Local Innovation prize

Laureate of the Jeune Chambre Economique contest for Local Innovative Enterprises in Nantes, France in 2009.

Launch of R&D on new generations of DNA vaccines using biologically inspired synthetic delivery systems.


Hepavac project and DNA vaccination

Development of new immunotherapy vectors composed of Nanotaxi® formulating plasmid DNA coding an anti- tumor antigen specific to hepatic cancer.


Launch of R&D on revolutionary ways to discover functional antibodies without recombinant proteins.



Launch of a revolutionary integrated process from in silico sequences to discover highly functional antibodies.

Launch of R&D on mRNA vaccines using biologically inspired synthetic delivery systems.


RNArmorvax project and RNA nucleic vaccination

Development of new bioinspired delivery systems for the development of a universal mRNA-based vaccine platform technology in collaboration with Sanofi-Pasteur and Curevac.


Deloitte Technology prize

Laureate of the Deloitte technology Fast 50 West award in 2012 (3rd prize) and 2013 (2nd prize).


Territoires d’Innovation prize

Laureate of Territoires d’Innovation Trophee, Pays de la Loire Region in 2013.

Launch of R&D on mRNA therapies for inherited or acquired disease applications.


RNA destination™

Launch of Nanotaxi®/mRNA therapeutics to develop novel approaches to treat a wide range of diseases whose target proteins were never accessible as drug candidates.



Among the 9 final nominees of the Ubistart tour 2014.

…largely acclaimed in recent years

  • 2012 and 2013 Deloitte Technology Fast 50 West Award
  • 2013 Territoires Innovation Award
  • 2014 UBISTART nominee


Scientific founders

Bruno Pitard Ph.D –  member of the Scientific Advisory Board

Bruno received his Ph.D from Paris University for his work on membrane protein reconstitution into liposomes in CEA Saclay and Institut Curie.

He started his career in 1995 at Rhône-Poulenc Rorer (now Sanofi) on the Gene Therapy program. Then, he worked at Sanofi-Pasteur on the DNA vaccine program.

After several years spent in academic research, he created and launched InCellArt. He has invented new concepts for the intracellular delivery of complex drugs including nucleic acids and proteins.

He has contributed to more than 80 publications and 16 patents on nucleic acids and protein formulations and is Associate Editor of the journal “Current Gene Therapy” published by Bentham science Publishers.

He was during 13 years a member of the scientific advisory board of the French cystic fibrosis foundation “Vaincre La Mucoviscidose” (Paris, France).

Jean-Marie Lehn Ph.D – Nobel Laureate – Member of the Scientific Advisory Board

Jean-Marie was awarded the 1987 Nobel prize in chemistry for his work on the development and use of molecules with structure-specific interactions of high selectivity. 

He is currently Honorary Professor at the Collège de France, Emeritus Professor at the University of Strasbourg and director of the Laboratoire de Chimie Supramoléculaire (Strasbourg, France). 

He has published more than 900 publications and 3 books and is a member of many academies and institutions. He has received numerous international honors and awards.

Scientific Advisory Board

Luc Aujame Ph.D - member of the Scientific Advisory Board

Luc received his PhD in  Biochemistry in 1978 from McMaster University (Canada). Following post-doctoral studies at the Dpt of Medical Genetics in Toronto and at Ottawa University, he became Assistant Professor at the University of Ottawa then at Queen's University in  Kingston, (Ont, Canada). 

In 1987 he joined Institut Merieux, now Sanofi Pasteur,  near Lyon where he joined the Research Department to head the group of Molecular Biology until 2003. 

Over the next ten years he scouted for new vaccines and novel technologies associated with vaccine development with the External R&D team of which he was first Director then Senior Director for Europe.

Georges-Bernard Guillou M.D - member of the Scientific Advisory Board

Georges-Bernard graduated from Nantes Medical School and is a certified clinical pharmacologist from Pitie-Salpetriere Medical School in Paris. After 3 years as a general practitioner he started a career in research in 1982 for Rhône-Poulenc Santé (now Sanofi), then Fidia-France. 

In 1993 he became R&D director then Director Scientific Affairs & Licensing for Laboratoires Pharmascience until 1999 when he became Director Licensing & Scientific Intelligence for Expanscience Group. Today Georges-Bernard is president of BDE&A Consulting SAS (since 2012).

Didier Roux Ph.D - CNRS silver medal - member of the Scientific Advisory Board

Didier Roux is a graduate of Ecole Normale Superieure. He was a member of the CNRS in the field of the physico-chemistry of amphiphilic structures from 1980 to 2005. 

He holds the CNRS silver medal. He created two start-ups in 1994 and 1998, and was Deputy Scientific Director of Rhône Poulenc (now Sanofi) and Rhodia between 1997 and 2005. 

Since June 1, 2005 Didier is the R&D and Innovation Vice President of Saint Gobain. Didier is a member of the Institut de France (French Académie des Sciences) and a member of the National Academy of Technologies of France.