mRNA Destination™, a novel technology for therapeutic protein production

Overview of the technology

In-Cell-Art is currently developing a new technological platform based on the messenger RNA aimed at providing turnkey therapies for inherited or acquired diseases.

For that In-Cell-Art is developing new safe bioinspired delivery system exclusively focused on RNA formulations and its non-immunogenic controlled intracellular delivery.

The developed approach consists in delivering in-vitro transcribed mRNA encoding a recombinant protein with Nanotaxi® after local injection.

The protein is then expressed in vivo using the body’s capabilities leading to physiological responses. It implies the production of the target and therapeutic protein by the subject’s cells themselves.

A disruptive approach

The current generation of treatment and therapies using therapeutic proteins implied the formulation of purified recombinant proteins produced by genetically modified organisms in vitro.

  • It then requires very frequent injection in the patient potentially leading to antibodies against the administered purified therapeutic proteins
  • The new approach developed by In-Cell-Art involves far less frequent injections of a solution (Nanotaxi® & mRNA) into the patient’s cells in vivo
  • The production of the protein in vivo by the patient’s cells themselves allows native conformation of functional proteins

Main advantages of this innovative approach

  1. In-Cell-Art uses very stable products: synthesized RNA and safe Nanotaxi® produced by synthetic organic chemistry
  2. Independent model of the Nanotaxi®: can transport any mRNA in the cells
  3. Large spectrum of use: this approach is flexible and can use any formulation of mRNA (size and type)
  4. “Cell Free” technology for fast and easy production of mRNA
  5. More than 22,000 genes coding the proteins of the human genome or monoclonal antibodies can be synthesized in vivo and used
  6. No immunogenicity against this approach as the self proteins are produced by the patient
  7. No immune response thanks to the direct transport of the mRNA in the cell cytosol and non-toxic Nanotaxi®
  • RNADestination™ Brochure