ICAntibodies™, the discovery of next-generation therapeutic antibodies

The therapeutic antibody market is currently booming and In-Cell-Art contributes to this growth using its Nanotaxi® technology.

  • Antibody discovery by genetic immunization is a new concept involving expression of the whole antigen by the vaccinated organism itself. It is different from conventional immunization methods where antigens (peptide or recombinant protein) are injected with an adjuvant.
  • However, genetic immunization using naked DNA or GeneGun or Electroporation suffers from low antibody titer induction. Nanotaxi® dramatically improves transfection efficiency by a physico-chemical mechanism leading to the enhancement of cellular uptake through a direct delivery mechanism into the cell cytoplasm. This leads not only to a strong antigen expression but also to a strong stimulation of the innate immune response. As a result, Nanotaxi® generates powerful immune responses, and subsequently antibodies of interest even against extremely difficult targets, such as complex integral membrane proteins and proteins with very high homology.
  • In less than 3 years In-Cell-Art has discovered more than 300 different antibodies against the most extremely difficult targets. ICAntibodies™ is becoming the solution of choice for all major pharmaceutical companies for discovering their therapeutic antibodies.

For more information please download the ICAntibodies brochure. You can also fill the Antibody Discovery questionnaire and send it to info@incellart.com for a quotation.

ICAntibodies can also be used to discover antibodies for research or diagnostic activities.

The solution for providing antibodies against GPCR and ionic channels

  • ICAntibodies™ Brochure

  • Antibody Discovery questionnaire